Canada is growing in popularity for students seeking to go abroad due to its affordable and high-quality education, high standard of living, and career advancement possibilities. Canada has some of largest cities such as Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and even more developed cities.

The country has a total of 96 universities that provide a wide range of study areas such as Computer Science & IT, MBA, Core Engineering & Engineering Management, Physical & Earth Sciences, Biosciences and more. The economy of Canada is the fastest growing among the G8 countries, making career growth opportunities even higher.

The following are some reasons why Canada may be the best option for you.

High-quality and affordable education
Canada is ranked among the highest in the world for its quality of education. It has the highest expenditure from their GDP on the education sector and has maintained high standards of academics. The degrees from Canadian universities will also add to your credibility. The tuition fees for international students studying in Canada are typically lower than fees in the USA or UK.

Career growth opportunities
In developed cities of Canada, with stable economic conditions, students will be able to easily get jobs and can advance their career in their desired field. You can also work part time whilst studying for up to 20 hours a week to cover your extra expenses and gain job experience. International graduates from Canadian universities are allowed to work for 3 years after their graduation by completing the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWP).

Many students from all around the world apply to Canadian universities for a better education. The international student community in Canada is diverse with students from many national and religious backgrounds but also welcoming to all cultures. The people in Canada are friendly and tolerant towards new cultures making it a safe place to live and study.

High-quality language education
Canada is a bilingual country, meaning that there are two official languages-English and French. Both of these languages are used while teaching in universities. This allows international students to develop their language skills and be fluent in them.

High standard of living
The standard of living in Canada is one of the highest around the world. They have world-class health care facilities, stable economy and government, job opportunities, and modern infrastructure, that all contribute to a comfortable standard of living.

How can you start your applications to Canada?
1. Talk with an education consultant to discuss your career plans
2. Sit for international examinations such as TOEFL, IELTS
3. Apply to your desired institutions
4. Receive an offer letter from the institution
5. Pay the tuition fee for the year
6. Receive LOA
7. Start preparing visa documents
8. Receive visa grant letter
9. Prepare for departure
Here at WI Education Consultancy, we have collaborations with many Canadian universities that have diverse international student communities that can help you adjust. Book an appointment with us to see if Canada is the right pick for you.

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