About Us

Welcome to Wi Education Consultancy, an esteemed pillar in the realm of educational guidance, situated in Putalisadak, Kathmandu. For over a decade, we have been the trusted bridge between ambitious students and prestigious colleges and universities worldwide. Our legacy is backed by an impressive visa success rate, a testament to our meticulous and personalized approach. With a team of the finest counselors, each specializing in different countries, we ensure that every student's dream destination is matched with unparalleled expertise. Choose Wi Education Consultancy, where your global academic aspirations are transformed into successful realities.

Our Mission

Born from a profound understanding of the challenges faced by Nepalese students in accessing global education, Wi Education Consultancy was founded on the belief that international academic excellence should be within arm's reach of every ambitious learner. Our mission goes beyond guidance—it's about tearing down barriers, bridging divides, and unlocking doors to world-class institutions. We are driven by the purpose to not only lead students to the best global educational platforms but to also equip them with the confidence and resilience needed for lifelong success. At our core, we are motivated by the transformative power of education and the belief that it is the most potent tool to inspire change, growth, and progress. Each day, we recommit to turning aspirations into tangible academic milestones, ensuring every student's journey reflects their passion, potential, and dreams.

Our Vision

To be the cornerstone in guiding students towards prestigious international degrees, fostering a cadre of high-earning professionals. We envision a ripple effect where our alumni, armed with world-class education and global exposure, contribute significantly to our national GDP through remittance. Our aspiration is twofold: personal success for each student and collective prosperity for our nation. Through Wi Education Consultancy, we aim to catalyze a brighter future where individual achievements resonate on a national scale, driving economic growth and fortifying our country's standing on the global stage.