Japan is neither a large country nor blessed with abundant natural resources, but Japan has established a firm position in the world as an advanced nation with high economic power. The high level of Japan’s economy and technology is thanks to the high quality of Japan’s educational institutions. Among the Asian countries, Japan is the country with the most Nobel Prize Winners.Japan offers innovative technology and expertise in various fields including economics, business, IT, agriculture, automobile, construction, medical care, animation, design, and games.To learn this advanced technology and expertise you should study at a Japanese educational institution. Japan offers a variety of educational institutions, including Japanese language schools, universities, and vocational schools, among which you surely can find a school that best suits your goals for the future.

Compared to other popular destinations such as America, Australia, and the UK, many people think that studying abroad in Japan is more expensive. But, you may be surprised to find out that Japan is the cheapest place to study abroad.Japan also has a reputation for safety, and is 8th on the Global Peace Index. Japan has the 3 most important factors for easy living: easy to learn, easy to work and easy to live. Compared to other famous study abroad destinations, Japan often receives special recommendations for study abroad.International Education is a self-paced course that compares and contrasts the international education industries. There are several scholarships available each year for International Students in japan. International students can experience secure environment with experienced teachers for each particular faculty. Japanese universities and municipal organizations offermany cultural exchange events for international students in Japan. There are several ways in which one can go to a Japanese college, vocational school, undergraduate course or graduate school. Any International Students are capable to choose the courses and institutions as per their qualifications and documents required.

Regarding the accommodation, There are accommodations operated by local governments and universities. About 77% of international students are staying in private housing. Any International students can contact to the Institution to look for a place to live safely with peace of mind. After the admission is confirmed. International students also can directly have contact with agents and other related links in order to find suitable accommodation for self. Every Japanese educational establishments focuses in the safety and security of each international students no matter which country they are from. International students are always encouraged to learn japanese culture and share their own to them.

Above of all here are required documents for Students planning to study in Japan. Certificate of all the educational backgrounds

  • Copy of Valid passport
  • Certificate for minimum 6 months (160 hours) of Japanese Language training
  • Certificate of work experience if applicable
  • Certificate of relationship verification of the applicant with the sponsor for eg. Father, mother.
  • Certificate of property valuation.
  • Certificate of tax clearance, income source of the sponsor.
  • Certificate of Bank balance with minimum six month’s transaction.
  • Certificate of good conduct confirming non-involvement in any criminal activities from the district police headquarters (Police report)
  • Certificate from a registered doctor confirming the student to be physically and mentally fit. 12 copies of passport size photographs
    *Students are requested to share their queries freely to WI International regarding any information required.

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