South Korea is slowly emerging as a suitable destination for students seeking to study abroad. South Korea currently has 31 universities that are listed in the world ranking. In total, the country has around 400 national and private universities that provide state-of-the-art facilities to their students. These universities also teach in English so it is suitable for international students all around the world.

Here are some reasons why S.Korea can be a viable option for you.

Developed cities
South Korea is one of the most developed country in South East Asia. There are many developed cities that have modern infrastructure, world-class healthcare, and high standard of living. If you enroll in a Korean university, then you will be able to live in these developed cities and adopt a high-quality life. Cultural exchange The culture between Nepal and South Korea is quite different but the people in South Korea are tolerant towards new cultures and are inquisitive to learn more about them. Hence, international students will easily be able to adapt in this country.

Quality Education and affordability
The quality of education in South Korea is very high as the Koreans give education utmost priority. These universities provide high standard education in different fields such as arts, science, business, culture and language programs, and more. You can enroll in an undergraduate, postgraduate, or summer institute program in any field you are interested in. Many universities also provide scholarship for international students which can decrease your annual tuition fees.

Information and communication technology
South Korea is known for its advancement in information and communication technology such as IT and Robotics. If you are interested in these study areas, then you can opt for studying in South Korea to study the some of the best
technology in the world.

Greater employment opportunities 
South Korea has a stable economy and a stable government which increases job opportunities for new graduates. The degrees that you get from a South Korean university are recognized worldwide and it also increases your credibility. You can also work up to 20 hours a week on your student visa. Furthermore, you can extend your visa up to 2 years and work in the cities.

How can you apply to universities in South Korea?

  •  Book an appointment with an education consultant at WI Education Consultancy
  •  Take a course on Korean language OR,
  •  Sit for IELTS/TOEFL exams
  •  Apply to your desired university
  •  Submit financial documents
  •  Receive an offer letter form the university
  •  Apply for student visa
  •  Receive granted visa application
  •  Prepare for departure
    If you think South Korea is the right fit for you then book an appointment with us. Take a step towards your successful career!

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