Russian Language classes at RCSC had started along with the establishment of RCSC since 1979. It’s main aim is to provide quality education, a tradition that keeps so far. Russian language courses of RCSC in Kathmandu running various activities including teaching-learning Russian language courses of three different degree, participating in various cognitive, educational, cultural, social, scientific, business and so on programs. It is conducting various programs, like open classes, lectures, film shows, interactive programs, round tables not only in RCSC but in various academic institutions like universities including Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu University and so on. Furthermore, it conducts various outreach programs out of valley as well.

Russian Language courses at RCSC at present are the only reputed institution in Nepal where people can gain the knowledge of the state standard of Russian Federation Russian as a foreign language. It uses all the modern innovative methods in teaching as well as using the ultramodern mobile language laboratory apparatus that includes laptops, i-pods provided with specialized programs for easy learning. Courses are provided by updated audio-visual materials and multimedia, which are widely used during classes.

It runs two or three programs in each month as a regular basis where it can be educational, open classes, exhibition or film shows, which is related with the particular occasion of that month.

In addition to all of these events each year specifically celebrated day of Russian language, Slavonic Literature Day, the day of the knowledge, conducted various programs contests, themed lessons, literary evenings, quizzes, shows video presentations popularizing Russian language.

Additionally held events dedicated to prominent figures of science, culture and literature, memorable and important dates in the history of Russia.

On 6th June 2011, an organizing committee has been formed to promote the Russian language in Nepal, which is headed by the former Vice Chancellor of Tribhuvan University, graduate of the Soviet University Mr. Madhav Prasad Sharma. in addition to the committee includes members from partner organizations of RCSC such as Mitra-Kunj, Nepalese-Russian Literary Society and other graduates of Russian universities, which in turn actively participating and helping to propagate Russian language in Nepal.

Right now, two language teachers, Shishiranand Mishra and Saira Shah are working . Besides it, it has significant role to strengthen the relationship between Russia and Nepal.

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